Keep Your Students Learning While Catch Fun

The following are what you can do on the school portal.

1. Online Exam/CBT
Every registered teacher on the portal has the privilege to create online Exam/CBT for his/her subject for different classes.

The exam can be used as self assessment test for the students. The exam can be times and assigned mark for immediate scoring and grading.
The summary of first and second term curriculum can be set as questions to keep students busy at home learning rather than whiling away time.

Parents should be notified of this development and ensure that kids attempt the CBT exam.

This can form part of their assessment on resumption for third term.

The portal is opened 24/7 and students should be given their username and password either through SMS to parents or other suitable means with the portal.

We need to take up this task as personal sense of responsibility.

With your mobile phone, this is 100% achieved and more than five schools have adopted this model designed in the school portal.


1. Very simple, login with your username and password.
2. Expand the menu at top-right corner of your mobile phone.
3. Select Academic and click on Online Exam
Start creating unlimited questions.


2. Homework
The portal can be used to give assignment and homework to the students. No excuse of non giving homework. Since this involve using phone and internet, students will be interested in it.

3. Forum
Learning in the 21st century is about interaction and collaboration between teacher to students. Anybody can initiate a discussion and keep learning flowing among the group.

4. Study Material
In this 21st century, there should be less paper work. Study material can be uploaded for the specific class while same can be downloaded by the students on their portal. Class note and other reference book can be uploaded.

5. Syllabus
Subject outline and syllabus for every subject can be uploaded and let students learn at their own pace.

With this development, we can use it to monitor students academic progress and real-time learning experience.