Online report cards shorten process time and save paper

The days of Al-Hikmat Schools student report card “getting lost along the way” — or more likely ending up under the couch or torn up in a trash can by an anxious student — may be coming to a close.

As it has in many other ways, technology is once again pushing back a time-honored tradition — this time the iconic paper report card that is sent home to parents by mail.

Instead, parents who are eager to see their children’s final grades can shorten the year-end anxiety by signing up for a new online report card option offered by Bitlite Infotech Solutions to AL-HIKMAT SCHOOLS.

With the new opt-in, parents can view and download their child’s report card, complete with all the information found on the printout version.

There are many benefits to getting report cards online. It saves time, it saves the school money and it is environmentally friendly.

Grades will become available once they are uploaded into the system. This eliminates the delay caused when school secretary/admin print report cards.