What Makes Your Subject More Interesting

As a trained and experienced teacher, I discovered that students show more interest in subject that makes them feel among others, connecting them to social world. This is the fact that our students today belong to Z generation where technology and internet classed as the main features of the set.

No students will listen nor pay serious attention to your lecture if longer time is spent because their attention span is very low.

Where Can You Catch their Attention More

My personal study reveals that students spent longer time with their phones and social media and things that connect them to the world.

This is one of the reasons we need to include diversification into our teaching and less classroom talk.

How Do You Achieve this

We need to make more effort to groom ourselves in the field of Information Technology, for the fact that this is where our teaching will become more relevant and more interested to learners.

Students nowadays want to interact – not physically but technologically – and feel among others.

Imagine some SS1 and SS2 students created a group on WhatsApp with a name “Let’s Just Laugh”

Imagine if this is a learning platform while they still catch their fun as part of my advice to them.

Your subject must now be interactive technologically for effective learning experience.

This is actually one of the objectives of AL-HIKMAT SCHOOL PORTAL.

We must take advantage of this portal to impart learning.