Get Your Students Engaged in Learning

One of the key strategies to engage students in the classroom is to find ways to make them learn in a relevant, valuable and authentic way. Get your students to engage and connect actively to learning by trying these tips.


1. Reality:

Your best channel, during lessons, is to use everyday activities as an example. Get your students to apply what they have learnt to real-life scenarios. Apply mathematics as a tool to help manage finance, as a tool to help plan their schedule and nutrition too

Ensure that their surroundings are bursting with reminders and tips that would help them learn, always, from the doors to the walls.

Explain why it is essential to wash your hands after going to the bathroom when a pupil returns from the restroom; water conservation too, the benefits of table manners during lunch, Sharing during games and much more.


2. Choice:

When you give your students the power to choose, you also teach them responsibility. Set groups and assignment for each group such that anyone can be a part of the group they are most comfortable with, this would bring forth their potential.

Give them tiered problems in math, English or any other subject of your choice, allow them to set their pace, choose their starting point and you can guide them as they advance in the set problem.


3. Feelings:

They are not robots; often, students are regarded as such; we all want them to stand straight, work smart, be obedient at all times all without a word. But that’s never the case.

Spend time in trying to understand your student’s emotions or create a safe space where they can express themselves without prejudice. Many students have family problems and have no one to talk to, and this might be the reason why they might misbehave.

Discuss topics like bullying, drug abuse, cancer, and so on in your safe space. Not that you have to be patient with them and also be willing to share.


4. Breaks:

I guess you think they already have too many breaks. Sitting for hours on end listening to different teachers talk about different things, half of which you’re lost or don’t have a clue and the other half is no fun isn’t going to cut.

Introduce breaks within lessons; it could be a short story, jumping jacks(which I must say is good for their health), 5 minutes dance, full-body stretch, and so on.

They not only look forward to your class, but they also feel rejuvenated and can easily connect the dots in your lesson.


5. Perception:

Lessons learnt can be interpreted uniquely by each of the students involved. Tap into technology and allow students to demonstrate what they have learnt through the use of videos, pictures, audio, and so on.

You not only achieve engagement but also bring out their creative side. You can also try introducing STEM into your curriculum and reap awesome benefits.


6. Interest:

Another way to keep your students engaged at every step is to take advantage of their interests and fascinations. Create a survey and group them based on what they are passionate about doing or what they are interested in.

For each group, they can submit a project based on their interest. Those who love literacy can do a book review or a short drama. Each group would be given the opportunity of planning and executing what they love and, in the end, you have happier and motivated students.

You can keep your students and learners actively engaged using the full-body and inculcating it into your classroom activities. Then you can sit back and watch how the levels of engagements climb to its peak.

Al-Hikmat School Tops Elephant Club Competition

Happiness filled our heart when our pupils emerged overall winner of the literary and debate competition organized by Elephant Club of Ogba, Lagos, Nigeria.

The event came up on Saturday 4th of January, 2020 with 12 schools in participation.

At first, we thought our pupils may not be able to scale through seeing because we are the youngest among the participants but with hope and prayer in Allah, we finally emerged as the overall winner of the competition.

We give thanks to Allah the Almighty who sees us through out the event and appreciate the immense effort of our pupils who made us proud and also appreciate all our well wishers.

At Al-Hikmat School, education is not all about school but for life.

Online report cards shorten process time and save paper

The days of Al-Hikmat Schools student report card “getting lost along the way” — or more likely ending up under the couch or torn up in a trash can by an anxious student — may be coming to a close.

As it has in many other ways, technology is once again pushing back a time-honored tradition — this time the iconic paper report card that is sent home to parents by mail.

Instead, parents who are eager to see their children’s final grades can shorten the year-end anxiety by signing up for a new online report card option offered by Bitlite Infotech Solutions to AL-HIKMAT SCHOOLS.

With the new opt-in, parents can view and download their child’s report card, complete with all the information found on the printout version.

There are many benefits to getting report cards online. It saves time, it saves the school money and it is environmentally friendly.

Grades will become available once they are uploaded into the system. This eliminates the delay caused when school secretary/admin print report cards.

Keep Your Students Learning While Catch Fun

The following are what you can do on the school portal.

1. Online Exam/CBT
Every registered teacher on the portal has the privilege to create online Exam/CBT for his/her subject for different classes.

The exam can be used as self assessment test for the students. The exam can be times and assigned mark for immediate scoring and grading.
The summary of first and second term curriculum can be set as questions to keep students busy at home learning rather than whiling away time.

Parents should be notified of this development and ensure that kids attempt the CBT exam.

This can form part of their assessment on resumption for third term.

The portal is opened 24/7 and students should be given their username and password either through SMS to parents or other suitable means with the portal.

We need to take up this task as personal sense of responsibility.

With your mobile phone, this is 100% achieved and more than five schools have adopted this model designed in the school portal.


1. Very simple, login with your username and password.
2. Expand the menu at top-right corner of your mobile phone.
3. Select Academic and click on Online Exam
Start creating unlimited questions.


2. Homework
The portal can be used to give assignment and homework to the students. No excuse of non giving homework. Since this involve using phone and internet, students will be interested in it.

3. Forum
Learning in the 21st century is about interaction and collaboration between teacher to students. Anybody can initiate a discussion and keep learning flowing among the group.

4. Study Material
In this 21st century, there should be less paper work. Study material can be uploaded for the specific class while same can be downloaded by the students on their portal. Class note and other reference book can be uploaded.

5. Syllabus
Subject outline and syllabus for every subject can be uploaded and let students learn at their own pace.

With this development, we can use it to monitor students academic progress and real-time learning experience.

What Makes Your Subject More Interesting

As a trained and experienced teacher, I discovered that students show more interest in subject that makes them feel among others, connecting them to social world. This is the fact that our students today belong to Z generation where technology and internet classed as the main features of the set.

No students will listen nor pay serious attention to your lecture if longer time is spent because their attention span is very low.

Where Can You Catch their Attention More

My personal study reveals that students spent longer time with their phones and social media and things that connect them to the world.

This is one of the reasons we need to include diversification into our teaching and less classroom talk.

How Do You Achieve this

We need to make more effort to groom ourselves in the field of Information Technology, for the fact that this is where our teaching will become more relevant and more interested to learners.

Students nowadays want to interact – not physically but technologically – and feel among others.

Imagine some SS1 and SS2 students created a group on WhatsApp with a name “Let’s Just Laugh”

Imagine if this is a learning platform while they still catch their fun as part of my advice to them.

Your subject must now be interactive technologically for effective learning experience.

This is actually one of the objectives of AL-HIKMAT SCHOOL PORTAL.

We must take advantage of this portal to impart learning.