In an exclusive chat with the young chartered accountant and a former speaker of student representative council of Al-Hikmat College, Ibrahim shared his experience with the Al-Hikmat Media team how he was able to overcome the challenges with more determination and conviction to success.You will not want to miss every tips of the chat as you read through the discussion below.

Most memorably, was during my 200level (1st Semester), when I was dished a Zero (0) mark in a course I can comfortably take the exam in my sleep. This unfortunate incident affected my growing CGPA and relegated me to Second class Upper Division, which really weighed me down.


I am Tiamiyu Ibrahim Babatunde, a graduate of Lagos state university (LASU) where I majored in Economics with a CGPA of 4.62. I was the Academic Director  at my department, the Media Coordinator to the United Nation’s SDGs on campus and the Excel Minds Academic group (The foremost academic organisation for students on campus); these among others are my quota to Serving Humanity towards Quality life in the world. I exhibit Interpersonal communication skills, Adaptability/Flexibility Skills, Emotional Intelligence Skills, and Leadership skills.

I am a member (ACA) of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN).
Over time, I have been well equipped with a reasonable weight of theoretical knowledge in Econmics, Accounting, Finance, Audit and Taxation.

In my quest to seek knowledge & professionalism, I have taken a number of online courses which includes the Digital Skills for Africa in 2017 and Data Analytics Consulting Virtual Internship with InsideSherpa in partnership with KPMG in 2019.

Being driven by the passion to learn and make exploits, I kindly seek for an INTERNSHIP opportunity to help me garner practical experience in the field of Audit, Finance, Accounting and or Tax.

I believe firmly in a brighter and rewarding future, which can only be achieved through diligence, focus and astute determination.

Actually, I am a motivational writer cum speaker, but I prefer to tag myself as a realistic motivational writer cum speaker. I strongly believe in a quote by me, which states that “Irrespective of your background, gender and what have you, Success is never biased, it is attainable by ANYBODY and EVERYBODY”.

To graduate with an outstanding grade, particularly a first class, comes with a lot of focus and determination plus Capital GOD. While growing up, I was almost a dullard due to my disastrous academic results in each term at both Primary and Junior Secondary. It was in SS1, I became more conscious through advices from my sister, Zainab and a friend, AbdurRahman, who was always taking the first position in my class. I started trying to study to become a changed person but it was not working out, then I discovered that I hardly slept at night because of my exposure to a wrestling show that is always aired on MITV; I began to open my class notes while watching this program every night and strive to read, even if it was just few lines, little did I know that it was already becoming a part of me. I am the type of person that feels intimated when my colleagues are called out on the prize giving day, while I just watch as a bench warmer.

So, I was determined on changing this narrative and it did became a reality. My first Academic prize came at the end of the SS1, where I was awarded subject prizes in Literature, Government and Islamic Studies; I was so worst, that my mum felt I wrapped the prize myself, on showing her (Smiles). All thanks to God, it is now history and many people feel am gifted, which is not 100% accurate. One must be deliberate in attaining success before it comes. There was a stage during my ICAN days, I read like hell and some of my Colleagues tagged me as an academic wizard or Samba the Lamba, but deep down I knew what my goals where and I was keen on achieving them. It will get to a stage where one will study and the act of studying becomes part and parcel of them due to consistency and learning theory. Imagine memorizing alphabet A to Z, everyday for 10mins, after some days, you might become faster in memorizing the alphabets within 5mins, that’s the similitude to putting little effort towards attaining success, till it becomes a reality.

My fellow students of knowledge, just put a lot of time in understanding yourself and what may work best for you, and if you still find this hard to do, just keep trying everything out, because only you knows what you want to achieve yourself. Go for Gold, I believe in everybody and anybody.

I strongly believe in the existence of challenges and in a quote by me: a success story is never going to be an interesting one without the encountering of some challenges faced. It is the ability of an individual to stay true to the process through perseverance and consistency, is what gives birth to success.
On becoming, I faced a lot challenges. All through my Primary School education, the comment section of my report card always read “Intelligent but too Playful”.
Remarkably, it was in during my Secondary school sojourn I was able to discover the misplaced potential in me.

My Undergraduate Studies also came with it’s own challenges, one of which was the need for me to study for both my and ICAN program. It was more of a struggle between getting a cool grade and ensuring I make progress towards becoming an Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA).

Most memorably, was during my 200level (1st Semester), when I was dished a Zero (0) mark in a course I can comfortably take the exam in my sleep. This unfortunate incident affected my growing CGPA and relegated me to Second class Upper Division, which really weighed me down.

But being an individual who has received more rejections than Congratulations but forever positive that the Congratulations will surely outweigh the rejections, I became more focused and determined to put in more efforts in the CGPA struggle. This process of restoring normality made me a better person and ever since then, I kept recording the best GPs ever. All thanks to God, I was privileged to graduate with a First Class Honours degree.

A person who wants to become a better Footballer, should be interested in watching documentaries that portray success in the world of football; a person who wants to become a better humanitarian, should be interested in watching or reading about notable individuals who served Humanity; a person who wants to become a business mogul, should be interested in watching or reading about successful entrepreneurs.

Ever since I was craving to get an excellent grade, I was always interested in surfing the internet with my favourite search texts being: “Best graduating student in (Whatever School)”, “How I made a first class degree”, and so on. This shaped my level of focus and determination, while I also strive in maintaining my balance with GOD.

So, the ball is in your leg, shoot for the GOAL!
Thank you.

5 thoughts on “I received more rejections than congratulations: Tiamiyu shared experience

  1. This is a wealth of experience that needs to be shared with all students. To excel academically, it requires great effort, determination and sacrifice and dedication.

  2. Quite inspiring! Of what I have learnt through my academic sojourn is never to look down nor tag those who are not academically sound cos no one knows what the future holds! Today’s dullard might end up being tomorrow’s best.
    Be positive!

  3. This is the reality of life. Success start with rejections, criticisms and humiliations. But what is needed are persistence, endurance and focus.

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